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Sedunia’s Grand Trans Siberian Express packages: Why we are different?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

During our 50 years experience in the Travel industry, we’ve seen many different premier products coming up and we take this opportunity to compare Sedunia products versus competitors in the industry. There are many GTSE products thriving in the market recently, many customers wonder why our product is more expensive compared to others. This article will explore GTSE core product values: Trusted & Reliable Operators, Private Train, Deluxe Hotel Stays, Hot Cook Meals,  Superior Escorted Tours. Why we are different? Keep on reading to find out.


We use trusted and reliable GTSE operators who provide a deluxe Private Train, daily land excursions and superior Restaurant Cars throughout your 12 days legendary GTSE journey. Other GTSE competitors commonly provide a shared sleeping area and toilet in the Public Train, land excursions and hot meals typically not included in the packages. 


Top image - A comfortable private cabin on Sedunia GTSE Private Train Bottom image - A shared bunk bed on Public Train from other GTSE competitors 

Our exclusive Private Trains offers a clean, comfortable cabin with private toilet and shower facilities. Its gather for mid-to-high range travellers who prefer a sense of peace and privacy. Other GTSE packages normally operate by Public Train, you have to sleep on a bunk bed in a cramped, noisy Public Train with a shared public toilet and running kids is not a novelty. The Public Train have multiple stops per day, you feel stress and can’t sleep well.


Photo credited to Zazaa Mongolia https://commons.wikimedia.org/

Our GTSE Private Train stop at more cities for land excursions, you can have a good night sleep by staying at international 4 - 5 stars hotel with WiFi network and shower facilities guaranteed. it gives you more time to explore the scenic nature and heritage sites on your own pace. While the GTSE competitors might not provide hotel stays in the city when the Public Train stop at one or two cities along the route, you have to stay on the train and can’t go out.


Top image - Local meals served in the specially selected restaurants during an excursion in a city Middle image - Hot cook meals serve onboard Sedunia GTSE Private Train Bottom image - Hot cook meals not included in other GTSE competitors package, choice of instant food u can get on Public Train

There are Restaurant Cars on the Private Train serving hot cook breakfast, lunch & dinners to all passengers of Sedunia’s GTSE packages. During the excursion tours in the cities, local meals are served in the specially selected restaurants. Usually, there is no Restaurant car on the Public Train and no meals provided by the other budget GTSE competitor, you don’t get to enjoy delicious hot cook meals and local speciality along the train journey.


Daily land excursions are included in our GTSE packages. We feature superior escorted tours with an English or local speaking guide as you visit Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Whereby, the other budget GTSE competitors might not have guided excursions to see the highlights of the destination along the train journey, you have to follow the Public Train schedule and wander around the city in a short time.

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