Rocky Mountaineer: World’s Most Stunning Train Journey?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The Rocky Mountaineer isn’t just a journey for train enthusiasts: this rail adventure through the epic landscape of Western Canada would keep anyone enthralled.

Barely twenty years old, the Rocky Mountaineer is now listed as one of the world’s must-do rail journeys with its luxurious trains and excellent service. The trip by rail is typically two days long and only takes place during daylight, meaning you can always see the scenery, with an overnight between the two days in a comfortable hotel.

So what makes Rocky Mountaineer so special? We’ve got the lowdown:

The Train

GoldLeaf Service Level
GoldLeaf Service Level

The Rocky Mountaineer doesn’t use standard trains, oh no. Instead there are three classes of train to choose from: GoldLeaf, SilverLeaf and RedLeaf, all with different styles. The GoldLeaf carriage is the most opulent, with a duplex design and fully domed windows, meaning you can have an uninterrupted view across the landscape. SilverLeaf is a single level train with oversized windows and the RedLeaf carriages are single level, with large picture windows for travellers to appreciate the views out over the Canadian wilderness.

The Routes

The Rocky Mountaineer also gives you multiple choices for which route to take, with five on offer: Whistler Sea to Sky Climb being the shortest at just 3 hours, First Passage to the West, Rainforest to Gold Rush and Journey through the Clouds at 2 days long and the newest route, Coastal Passage, from Seattle to Vancouver. Each take in different scenery and you can even combine two or three of them in a circular route, to fully appreciate the Rocky Mountaineer.

The Landscape

Mount Robson, Rocky Mountaineer
Mount Robson

Typical scenery whilst on the Rocky Mountaineer
Typical scenery whilst on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Pyramid Falls
The Pyramid Falls

The scenery of western Canada is something really special: picturesque farmlands and towering mountains, thundering waterfalls and pristine wilderness, not to mention the wildlife you can see from your seat. And the extra special part? The train driver will actually slow the entire train down and announce when he spots wildlife, so you can be sure to see it. What other train would let you do that?

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