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A Magical Journey through the Canadian Rockies

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

You’re sitting on a bi-level luxury train inside a fully glass domed carriage. The train is snaking its way through the lush Western Canadian wilderness. Snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and river canyons pass before your very eyes. The carriage host narrates the journey unfolding before you signals to a grizzly bear sighting. The train slows down just a bit; you see the majestic beast upstream with a freshly caught salmon in its palms.

Don’t just imagine this, this could be your next travel experience. This magical escapade is what’s awaiting you when you embark on a Rocky Mountaineer rail journey through the Canadian Rockies and glorious landscape of Western Canada. This multiple award winning rail service has been regarded time and again as ‘The Best Train Experience in the World’ and a ‘Life Changing Experience’.

GoldLeaf Service - fully domed glass carriages 

Luxury meets Wilderness

The magic in Rocky Mountaineer is that it marries luxury and wilderness. On the Rocky Mountaineer, your journey starts in Vancouver as you travel during the day to see the natural Canadian landscape illuminated by the bright rays of the sun before disembarking in Calgary. On this journey, the sights are brought to you. All you have to do is relax in your comfy seat, enjoy your unlimited complimentary beverage and take in all the awe inspiring views.

Fresh salmon sourced locally prepared by award winning chefs

Come meal time, you’ll be dining in the dining room on cuisine sourced from the freshest and finest local ingredients prepared by award winning and internationally revered chefs.  In the evening, you’ll be transferred to premium hotels in picturesque cities and towns to unwind or go about more exploration on your own.

Dining carriage exclusive for GoldLeaf Service passengers 

Magic throughout the seasons

Jasper National Park in autumn

Apart from the impeccable service that makes this journey extraordinary, the views that you witness are something out of a fairy tale. Rocky Mountaineer runs from April to October. In spring, enjoy the last bits of winter with the snow-dusted mountains and ice breaking over alpine lakes, in summer the flowers are in full bloom and the good weather means the wildlife frolic around carefree, in autumn witness the array of tawny leaves and spawning salmon which attract hungry bears and eagles. If this isn’t something out of Narnia, then what is?

Lake Louise by the highly exclusive Fairmont Chateau 

Magical travel experiences

Columbia Icefields

The magic doesn’t end on the train. Whether it’s the Alaska cruise at the end or start of your journey, the gondola cabin ride to the summit of Sulphur Mountain for a bird’s eye view of the Canadian Rockies, a summit helicopter tour or seeing the Athabasca Glacier via a special glacial travel motorcoach, these optional add ons guarantee the magic goes on and on.

Outdoor viewing vestibule for GoldLeaf Service passengers 

Grizzly bear

Uninterrupted views of the wilderness and its wildlife. World class service. Gourmet meals. Premium accommodations. Dynamic destinations. Unparalleled travel experiences. All these are the ingredients to creating your magical journey through the Canadian Rockies. So don’t just imagine it, live it.

Sedunia Travel is the General Sales Agent in Malaysia for the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer. Call 03 2142 0222 or email contact@seduniatravel.com for more information on this magical journey of a lifetime.

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