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11D The Inca Empire to Peruvian Amazon | Selected Jan - Nov 2021 | SAVE RM1000

Lima - Lima
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Peru and Amazon | A comprehensive adventure include Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley and included domestic flight and 3 nights river cruise


Welcome to Lima-Cosmopolitan, Colonial, and Pre- Columbian Culture Enjoy free time today before your Andes and Amazon adventure begins. Explore the fascinating Peruvian capital- where high-rise buildings tower above ancient temples and colorful colonial architecture.


Peruvian Treasures, Presidential Palaces, and Pizarro's Conquests CLASSIC - Take a Guided Walking Tour of Lima to see the colonial Old Quarter, Plaza de Armas, the presidential Government Palace, and the Lima Cathedral. Visit San Francisco Monastery to see the famous catacombs followed by the Larco Herrera Museum-with the world's largest private collection of pre-Columbian Peruvian art. DISCOVERY - Later, enjoy a Culinary Experience with an authentic Peruvian welcome dinner in the exquisite, historic mansion-Casa Garcia Alvarado. (B,D)


Alpacas, Llamas, and Ancient Rituals of the Andes CLASSIC - Fly to Cusco, the ancient Andean city and former capital of the Inca Empire. A Guided Excursion into the Sacred Valley reveals the hillside Temple of Sacsayhuaman. Marvel at the remarkable Inca stonework of this 15th-century fortress that was once the site of the largest battle between the Incas and the Spanish. The Spanish were ultimately victorious in 1536, disassembling part of the site to build homes in Cusco and leaving behind the ruins we find today. You will also see the Inca military post of Puca Pucara and visit the ceremonial site of Kenko where ancient Peruvian rituals and sacrifices were performed. DISCOVERY - Take a Guided Tour of Awanakancha to encounter llamas, alpacas, vicunas, and guanacos and learn about their vital role in Peruvian culture. Continue to the old mountain village of Pisac. Take time to shop in Pisac's large Indian market for treasures such as alpaca sweaters, woven blankets, and handmade jewelry. This evening, enjoy dinner featuring Andean and Western dishes with wine. (B,L,D)


Stone Temples and Formidable Fortresses. CLASSIC - Join a Guided Tour of the adobe village of Ollantaytambo this morning to visit the ruins of an Inca fortress. See the massive stones and amazing engineering design, including the Sun Temple and Princess Baths fountain. DISCOVERY -Join an Escorted Visit to a native Incan home to experience the way of life that has endured since the 13th century. MACHU PICCHU: Andean Heights and Hidden Secrets of the Inca's Lost City. CLASSIC - Join a Guided Excursion aboard a Vistadome train with spectacular panoramic views of the lush countryside of Urubamba Valley. Travel by rail to Aguas Calientes to take the winding road to legendary Machu Picchu. ACTIVE - Take a Guided Walk to explore the "Lost City of the Incas" high atop the Andes once overlaid with dense forest. Learn about the lives and mysteries still hidden in this ancient citadel and the amazing structures built by the pre- Columbian masters of this sacred land. DISCOVERY - Enjoy your overnight stay at the foot of the mountain where Machu Picchu is
found with a gourmet Peruvian dinner. (B,L,D)


A Miraculous Sanctuary in a Tropical Mountain Cloud Forest CLASSIC - Take a second included Guided Excursion to Machu Picchu. Set out early to see the sunrise over the ruins, explore the terraces or perhaps venture up to see the Sun Gate, once used as the ancient entrance to the Sanctuary. After lunch, return to the Sacred Valley by train and then continue on to Cusco. (B,L)


Conquistadors, Churches, and the Colourful Culture of Peru CLASSIC - Take a Guided Walking Tour of Cusco and learn about the Inca culture and the Spanish invasion that threatened their way of life and very existence. Visit Santo Domingo Monastery, originally called Koricancha and built by the Incas as a Temple of the Sun with extraordinary engineering and masonry design. Continue to the Plaza de Armas to visit the Cusco Cathedral. Enjoy free time this afternoon to explore Cusco's colorful culture. DISCOVERY - Tonight, an elegant dinner includes wine and a menu inspired by Peru's eclectic mix of cultures. (B,D)


Turn-of-the-Century Barons and the House that Eiffel Built CLASSIC - Today, you'll travel by air to Lima and then onto Iquitos where you take a Guided Orientation of this 19th-century boom town with ornate homes built by the "rubber barons" of the day, such as La Casa de Fierro (The Iron House) designed by architect Gustave Eiffel. NAUTA-PERUVIAN AMAZON RIVER (EMBARKATION) Travel to Nauta and embark the luxurious vessel, the Delfin III, to cruise the Peruvian Amazon in comfort and convenience. Settle into your spacious suite before meeting your onboard Naturalist and Cruise Director. DISCOVERY - Attend an onboard Welcome Reception to gain an overview of your upcoming Amazon experience. Your Naturalist Guide will offer information about the animal species of the Amazon ecosystem, the native villagers you'll meet, and the spectacular plant life that thrives in this astonishing environment. See the two powerful Amazon tributaries-the Ucayali and Maranon Rivers-which converge to create the mighty Peruvian Amazon. Later, on board, enjoy an unforgettable dinner featuring Peruvian cuisine with the freshest local ingredients. (B,L,D)


Spider Monkeys, Pink Dolphins, and Peru's Favourite Cocktail CLASSIC - Rise early this morning for your first glimpse of the majestic Amazon at sunrise to experience the sights and sounds. After breakfast, take a Guided Panga Ride down one of the Amazon's tributaries in search of the incredible wildlife. Your Naturalist Guide helps to spot capuchin, howler, tamarin, and spider monkeys, as well as iguanas, sloths, freshwater pink dolphins, and a stunning array of birdlife. Watch for the extraordinary giant Amazonian water lily. CLASSIC - This afternoon, a Guided Excursion to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve allows you to witness the activity of exotic birds, including trogons, macaws, parrots, falcons, and jacamars. ACTIVE - Take a refreshing Swim in this unique area of the Amazon-with the chance to encounter the Amazon's amazing pink dolphins. DISCOVERY - Join in an onboard Cooking Class to learn about native fruits, vegetables, and fish. You'll learn about local ingredients for delicious recipes. In the evening, enjoy a Mixology Lesson to create Peru's famous cocktail, the Pisco Sour. (B,L,D)


Exotic Birds, Night Creatures, and Natural Remedies ACTIVE - Join a morning Naturalist Guided Walk to explore tropical flora, including epiphytes, orchids, and indigenous jungle vegetation below the rainforest's canopy. DISCOVERY - Attend an onboard Nature Presentation about indigenous and medicinal plants, fruits, and vegetation used in the Amazonian culture for centuries. CLASSIC - This afternoon, a Guided Excursion to the Amazon community of San Francisco introduces you local villagers who have called Amazonia their home for generations. ACTIVE - Join a Night Safari Excursion to spot nocturnal creatures, including caiman, frogs, bats, and boa constrictors. You will also have the chance to try fishing for piranhas! DISCOVERY - Later tonight, enjoy Live Entertainment by the Delfin III crew of local performers to celebrate your Amazon adventure with music and dance. (B,L,D)


A Manatee Introduction and an Amazon Farewell DISCOVERY - This morning, disembark and bid your ship's crew farewell. On the way to Iquitos, join an Escorted Visit to the Manatee Rescue centre to learn about these endangered Amazon species and the conservation efforts to save these gentle giants before flying to Lima. (B)


Your holiday ends with breakfast this morning. (B)

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